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Saturday, 3 December 2011

::Amazing race with baby; TQ Snugg baby::

During our Borneo trip, awaiting for boarding was the most tiring part..Kalo boleh nak sampai airport trus naik flight tp sapela nk bagi kn.

From KL to Sibu, then Sibu to Miri, after that back to KL.Phewww, really like amazing race..Exhausted, plus carrying two toddler was not an easy task. So, we brought along a stroller and TheStork from Snugg Baby.

Siapa nak dukung budak 13 kilo nih. He chose to sleep soundly in Maclaren Quest.

Saradyna, 2 years 8mos with his beloved Acu.(my youngest brother) Acu loves to carry her using TheStork..Look, she was sleeping soundly while we were waiting to board. It's worth to have it. Love u Snugg.

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