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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

::Potty Training- Lulus ke Gagal?::

Today is the second day of Aqeel's potty training. Day 1 was totally failed. Dia terbabas kencing dlm seluar sampai 4kali n mommy surrender terus. Till afternoon, mommy put on his diaper back. Hehehe. Tak larat nak mengelap dah.

Ok, day 2 is quite ok. He tells me every time he feels like to pee but when we are in the bathroom nothing is out.huhuhu. Penat mak je. 2 kali dah terkencing dlm seluar.

Then, he tells me that he feels like to pee but actually he already pee and I take him quickly to the toilet and he pees in the toilet.

After that, I take off his pants and let him naked.opssss. This time he tells me that he really wants to pee then when he goes into the toilet,he suddenly squatting and there it goes,poop!!! Nak berak rupenya. Ok, it's ok dear mommy wont get mad. Just do ur business. However, he was so shocked. Tiba2 ada khazanah keluar. Selama ni mana pernah tengok kan. Tau tau je ada dlm diaper. He starts to cry. aiyooo. apala budak ni. Pujuk2 sikit dan wash his butt. Ok, he sits in front of tv quietly. Suddenly, Mama, Aqeel nak kencing lagi!! .He repeats until three times and he actually wanna poo again. Tak puas lagi rupenya.

So, he successfully doing his business in the toilet. :)

End of training today. We'll continue tomorrow Insya Allah.
Lulus 2/10.

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ct rahani said...

nk potty train anak mmg memerlukan kesabaran yg tinggi.. cam anak sy yg sulong, kdg2 smpai skrg ade gak terbabas waktu tido malam.. nk2 kalau cuaca tgh sejuk..