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Monday, 19 December 2011

::Aqeel Haziq n Transformers lagi!!::

Previously, he already has Optimus Prime n Bumble Bee only.(sila google nama character transformers kalau tak tau hehehe,mama pun baru blajar)

Then, since he watched movie #3, there is Sentinel Prime, he was excited to have it. Tau sebab apa? Sebab Sentinel ada pedang n perisai.

And then,since he already has the magazines (yes,he got 3 mag already), he knew that he should have Ratchet. (Ratchet is an autobot doctor,died in movie #2).
Ratchet can turn to be an ambulance. Interesting. (not interesting part is when he asked mama and papa to turn the autobot, Bertukar!!)

Papa decided to buy him Ratchet because now he can read ABC. (Dia tak pandai nyanyi lagu ABC tp dia tahu dan kenal huruf ABC,advanced sikit)

So,now Ratchet is in his collection.

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Salina@IbuAqil said...

Uishhhh banyak koleksi dia.. Untie pinjam bleh.. ;)

Cik CT said...

Kak Ina- ini koleksi bersama papa la. dh deme berdua je duk main.papa kata dulu2 ms kecik xdak robot.