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Friday, 23 December 2011

::English Language Literature Component - How I Met Myself::

Hi readers,
How I met myself is a novel which will be used as lit.component for form three. It replaces Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde. This novel is written by David A.Hill. It is an interesting novel about Doppleganger. It's a German language which means double walker. From wikipedia source; in reality, it will refer to any double or look alike person.(pelanduk dua serupa). However in fiction or folktale, it means a paranormal double of a living person typically representing evil or misfortune.

This is what happen to John Taylor in the novel. he bumped into his Doppleganger Janos Szabo, a Hungarian man who died in the 1956 revolution. From that, many things happened in his life which can break his marriage. However, the Doppleganger actually wanna help him and save his family in the end.

This 58 pages novel consist 18 chapters. There is also a list of pronunciation of the Hungarian words at the back of the novel to help teachers on pronouncing the words.

Hopefully, techers and students can understand this novel easily. :)

autopublish entry..:)

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