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Thursday, 22 December 2011

::No more co-sleeping Aqeel- kids room#1::

We're trying to make little aqeel sleep on his own bed. Since baby he is co-sleeping with mommy n now he is big enough. King bed mama papa pun dah tak muat tau. Since we've bought his own bed (nearly a year), so it's time to teach him. (selama ni mama yg susah nak renggang dgn dia). So, papa said let's decorate his room.
Ok, we just use wall sticker from wallartis.com. We've bought this sticker a long time ago.

The sticker. We have to cut it and use our own creativity to arrange it.

in progress

The bamboo sticks without leaves

Alright,now the model of potty training wanna interframe.

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aTy _faRed~ said...

cantik ar wall decor tu..menarik..sesuai.. [tetibe dapat idea] ;p mekaseh..:)

Cik CT said...

@Aty_Fared - sila2..ada banyak lagi pilihan wall sticker ni..yg ni dr wallartis...nk deco2 bilik baby ye..