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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

::Teachers' 1st meeting 2012::

It's back to work mood guys. Today is the first meeting for 2012. I'm excited.:)

I'm eager to know which form I have to teach.
I'm very sure that I'll be in afternoon session.
I know that I will have 25periods of teaching english classes per week.
I want to know whether I am assigned to teach "2 alam" again.

Afte this meeting, teachers will start to prepare all materials to be taught. Then, preparation to welcome form 1 n form 4.

Hopefully, I will be a better teacher in 2012. aminnnn.

p/s Tomorrow- English Literature Component form 3 in-house training for teachers . gulp . nervous as I am the only fascilitator. chaiyok tcer CT.

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amirah said...

husben kak mie dis wik 29 baru ada miting..definitely tak la sesibuk cekgu yg ajar sek men kan..

Cik CT said...

:) tp tujuan utama ttp sama..mngajar anak2 malaysia..;)