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Sunday, 18 December 2011

::Toilet training pants-Mothercare::

Mommy who has toddler 2-3 years old now must be worried about potty training. So do I. Little Aqeel knows when he poo n pee but he only tells me after he had done his business. huhuhu.

So, my first step is to wear him a toilet training pants. These are his training pants.

Luckily, we got his favourite characters on the pants.It will make him excited to wear his pants. I bought from mothercare. 2 pants for rm50.40. mahal!

Hopefully, he will success in our mission towards Diaper free forever!!!!

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mama aini said...

mcm2 rekaan terkini !!..masa ank papa dulu..pants ni tak dikeluarkan lagi..he2x..sian tgk dia pakai pamper waktu tu..

Cik CT said...

btul2.mcm2 rekaan utk budak2 zaman la ni. semalam sepetang duk di toysrus pun dh excited tgk mcm2 rekaan mainan.