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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

::New portfolio 2012::

Nak join Churp Churp?? Klik klik..

It seems like I am now visible to them..hahhaha...
2012 will see teacher Ct back to be a form teacher after 2years off. I'm not holding any portfolio in sports club nor academic but I'm the penolong penyelaras of all clubs in school. hambik kau..and still cikgu data emis n NILAM. 25periods of english classes with two levels form. Form 1 and form 2..Will be in unit Kantin again. hadoii...

Ok, jgn mengeluh sangat sbb awak dh sign SBPA.gaji naik selaras dengan keje yang makin bertambah..

Alright, I accept it..
Jangan mengalah cikCT..

No, I'm not complaining. I just want to tell. That's a part of teacher's job. Not only teaching..

Pohon Allah beri jalan untuk hambaNya mencapai cita2.

p/s Looking for some other chances in education lines..

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Salina@IbuAqil said...

Bestnya dah sign SBPA.. Kami ni tgh nak siapkan borang.. Ayarkkk!! ;)